Welcome to LBI!

Currently, LBI works in Korogocho slum located in Nairobi city. Korogoch is the third largest slum in Kenya where around 200,000 people are forced to live under World Bank poverty line of USD 1.25 per day. Korogocho means “useless” in Swahili. Originally, Korogocho started as a waste site but in 1980s poor and vulnerable people started moving into Korogocho from downtown area in Nairobi. It has been discriminated area for years and many people struggle to get jobs and to put food on the table.  Residents of this informal settlement also suffer from HIV & AIDS and many children have no access to education.


Of course, Korogocho people are the same people with other people in the world. They show rich emotional aspects such as joy, cheerful, angry, sad and cry. They fell in love with partners and value family time as well. People in Korogocho love Korogocho and are proud of Korogocho.  

All of the people there wish for a better life and a better community, which motivate us to set up a support platform between Kenya LBI and Japan, LBI. Little Bees International is named after the symbol of diligent, hard-work and corroboration of small presence by Korogocho people. Like name, LBI empower the people in Korogocho for a better future. LBI was registered officially to the government of Japan in November, 2013 while LBI was done to the government of Kenya in June, 2014. LBI became a special accredited organization for SDG summit at UN headquarters in 2015.

LBI Mission!

Empowerment of disadvantaged women, children and youth in urban informal settlements in Kenya to relieve poverty through the promotion of Education, Quality Healthcare and Sustainable development initiatives among women, youth and children.

Specific Objectives!

1. Promotion of entrepreneurial programs geared towards financial sustainability.

2. Promotion of health programs such as, reproductive health training, solid waste management, medical camps.

3. Promote cultural activities such as sports and music for growing up peace-loving mind and sound mental and body among youth.

4. Collaboration with government and inter government other agencies and other organizations with similar 

5. Provide quality education service for children and youth through a local education center. 

Message from Chair!

Out Board Members!

Olum Florence
Florence joined African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) as a field researcher after working for Kenya women network of living with HIV as a coordinator of Korogocho.

She acquired Diploma in social work, project planning and community development regional Institute of Business Management in Nairobi.When she was a high school student, she was forced to transfer to a secondary school from High because of the poverty. Her father could not afford to cover her education cost.Now she is a single mother with a smart and cute boy.Like other women in Korogocho, she has a tough and integrity soul in her heart. LBI will be able to bring many tangible fruits under her initiative.To people in the world: "I am very greatful for the heart that they have for korogocho,i want to assure them that the move they have taken will bear fruit,at times the challanges come on the way especialy towards success,but through cooparation and dialogue people see the frouit of their work.LBI is like a baby who was born in my hands and its my responsibility to bring it up challanges not withstanding.Florence is an organised friendly woman. People are highly welcomed in kenya more so in ma house at any time."

Evaline Akiny Obonogo


Ms. Evaline as a new board member for LBI Kenya in 2015.
She has much experience as a social worker for international NGO and she has been committing in LBI actions since the foundation LBI Kenya as a volunteer. Welcome and Be a good community leader!

"My name is Evaline Akinyi Obongo. I am 30 years old.I was born in Mathare slum where I was raised but we later shifted to Kasarani.My father was a drunkard and we could see him only once per week. So basically I was raised by my mother. We were a total 9 children in our house.I finished my primary school in 1998 and joined a secondary school in Homabay. I sat for my exams in 2002 and got a C+ in my exams but because of the arrears I had at school I wasn’t given my certificate. I joined a sponsored institution in Kasarani where I studied basic and advance skills in computer, I later learned of the short courses within Korogocho community where I started working and social work. I affected my life being reused in a slum and the difficulties we were facing and I felt the passion to join hands and help support slum dwellers. I worked both voluntary and paid work to support this people with interpersonal skills and through counseling and motivated talks. I have been able to change the lives of a few who were drunks but are now sober. Through my own life experience, I have known how to interact with people and support them to achieve the best in life. I am looking forward to work with LBI to empower my fellow women to gain skills that can sustain their livelihood because being a mother of four kids I know what women go through to make ends meet and support their families. 

Bravo to L.B.I for initiating this program in Korogocho!"

Ezra Otieno
Ezra is a radio presenter at Koch FM, which is the first community radio program since 2006 in Kenya. It is a prestigious one.Every people in Korogocho knows him, loves him and says hi to him, walking down streets. He is a gregarious, sociable and cool guy, admiring a reggae style. He is always surrounded with his friends in Korogocho. He truly loves a Korogocho community and Chelsea at Premier League from the bottom of his heart. He is a young leaser, icon for young generation and key person in Korogoch. Welcome to the board of LBI! To People in Japan and the world. " The Korogocho community needs great friends and we are so lucky to have you as one. We believe with your support, advise inspirations and partnership would help change lives and bring the best of Korogocho and its people. If we all make our small contribution and support each other, we can together make the world a beter place for everyone. Let us join hands and passionately transform our beautiful paradise (The world). "

Michalel Weche


He is also a head teacher of Amani Education Center. He has been managing the Amani Education Center that aims at accepting school children and orphans in Krogocho with his partners and volunteers. He commits himself for providing quality education for all the children in Korogocho.  He is a heart-warming education advocater in the community. 

LBI welcomes Ms. Catherine as a new board member for LBI Kenya. She has been working for more than 20 years in Korogocho as a social worker. She is one of the founder of Amani Education Center with Teacher Michael, LBI Board. We are excited with such a experienced person like her!

She greets LBI supporters in the following comments.

”My name is Catherine Wanja.
I was born in central provision in Maranga County.
I love working with Korogocho people for the last 22 years as a social worker. 
I like working with the community because it is my desire to see people improve their life and social life. I work with people under compassion.”

Go Takahashi

Founder / President of NGO / NPO Little Bees International

Community Development based on the concept of sustainable development is his lifework. He loves Kenya and always appreciates his coworkers in Korogocho. He used to belong to MDG center in Nairobi and World Economic Forum Japan Office. He also had worked for the government of Japan including MOFA for almost 10 years. He is a global leadership fellow of International House of Japan. He is also the board of NPO Transparency International Japan and NPO Affiliated Network for Social Accountability East and Pacific Asia (ANSA-EPA). He received MPA from Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs in US and Bachelor degree from Waseda University in Japan.  


Intern of LBI

She is a student of University of Nairobi. She is originally from slum and raised up in a difficult situation, but such background never beats her. She could successfuly acquire scholarship from Miss Koch program sponsored by  US aid organization to move up to the high school after finishing primary education in slum.

She is a good success model from slum.  

Teacher Rose

Supporter & Founder of Amani Education Center

She is a very broad heartful woman in Korogocho. In 2000, she started Amani Education Center projects to accept street children for their education by her own in her house. Since then, she successfully grows her project to be a good community school for people in vulnerable situation in collaborating with good community people including her wise husband, Teacher Michael. She also dedicate herself for the community development in Korogocho.

Dr. Philemon Kiprono


He works for the president office as a senior economist. He has a strong passion to develop Kenya and provides much tangible advice as an economist. He acquired his PhD in Economics from GRIPS (National Graduate Institute For Policy Studies) in 2014.




He is a Karate, martial arts, 2012 Kenya national champion. He is contributing to empower youth in Korogocho through Karate training class. He thinks sports has the potential to empower the youth in positive way not only physically but psychologically. 


LBI Ambassador 

He is from Tukuba-University and UN University, is appointed as a LBI ambassador! 
He will contribute a lot to build the bridge between Kenya and Japan through LBI actions.

" Women and Children play fundamental roles in fostering sustainable development. Despite their importance, they are usually discriminated and/or underrepresented in different spheres of the society. Research shows that women and children suffer most during natural calamities and disasters. Considering that the frequency and magnitude of disasters are expected to be on the rise due to climate change, there is an urgent need to empower women and children so as to increase their resilience and adapting capacity. Little Bees International (LBI) aims to breach this gap by empowering vulnerable women and children in Kenya. LBI regards women and children not just a mere beneficiaries but as ACTIVE actors and architects of a sustainable society. The purpose of LBI is to create community structures that continuously increase community’s capacity and reduce her dependence. As an ambassador of LBI, I plan to continue harnessing communities’ ideas and establishing a platform where they can be successfully executed for the betterment of the community.
I wish to contribute in promotion of mutual understanding between Kenya and Japan for both youth and sustainable future as LBI ambassador."

Organization Structures:

Go Takahashi, Founder / President of Little Bees International

Olum Florence, LBI Kenya Chair

Evaline Akiny Obonogo, LBI Kenya Treasure

Michale Welche, LBI Board and Amani Education Center Head Teacher

Ezra Otieno, LBI Board

Catherine Wanja, LBI Board

Ichiro Amimori, LBI Board

Hajime Nakauchi, LBI Board

Kensuke Kunimi, LBI Japan Treasure

Masatoshi Yui, LBI Advisory Board

Masaki Inaba, LBI Advisory Board

Mitsuya Kodama, LBI Advisory Board


40 members for Korogocho Smart Women Group

40 members for Community Environment Workers

Sunset (2000)







Railroad (2007) 







One Way (2010)